In late 2009, Maya Mountain Research Farm started an aquaponics system, with the support of Michael Buick and others.

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, growing fish in tanks, with high stocking densities, and pumping the water to gravel filled grow beds as biological filters to filter the water with the bacteria on the gravel and the roots of the plants, and returning the water to the fish tanks, filtered and oxygenated. Aquaponics has has many advantages over aquaculture and hydroponics.

To learn more about aquaponics, please visit the web page of visionary genius, Joel Malcolm Be forewarned that you may not sleep properly after seeing this site.
The tanks were purchased from Dietrich Penner at Penner Metal Works, in Spanish Lookout, and moved by truck to San Pedro Columbia. Work halted on the site until we can source solar panels and a pump for it. Gravel is being sourced from the river.

Update, in April 2013, we have installed 1,410 watts of solar panels on site to start building the electrical system. We have the pieces for the power center, batteries, and pumps. We hope to have this done in early 2015.