Belize City

Belize City has a bad reputation from the small minority of aggressive hustlers who pray on travelers. We love the city, and the Swing Bridge could well be described as a major artery of the heart of Belize. While there is crime in the city, most of it is in specific areas, and is generally not directed at travelers. Sadly, it is possible for someone who does not know the city to walk into one of those areas by accident. For most travelers, there is no reason to be in the city except to catch the next bus, boat or plane, but if you do have to stay in Belize City, we suggest strongly that you use taxis to get about.


Our absolute favorite hotel in the city. This is our “home away from home”, and we use it when we are in the city. Run by Mikhail and his family, Bakadeer Inn is a very friendly and clean hotel. It has recently been remodeled, repainted, with new furniture, and is a good value. Very safe. Some times it is full!

Cheap, basic and safe hotel. AC in all rooms, cable, wireless. Good value. Fairly charmless.

Not for the budget traveler, this is a 4 star hotel, with a few rooms in an old colonial building. Nice ambience. I stayed there while working for a French film crew and loved it.