Places to stay in Belize

We get asked, frequently, by travelers where to stay, or what to visit, in other parts of Belize. Below is a list of places we suggest travelers stay either en route to MMRF or while moving around the country. All of them are places we have used and like. Just because it is not here does not mean it is a good place!

This is not a comprehensive list, only the places we use. We suggest buying a guide book. Some of the better ones are Lonely Planet Belize, Moon Guides and the Rough Guide. These are all good books for travelers.


Corozal, while charming, has always been a quiet place. In recent times it has been largely bypassed with tourism because of the new Chetumal to San Pedro water taxi, which is a shame. What few travelers passing through has been reduced as people skip the Corozal to Belize City route to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, missing the charms of this sleepy town on the bay. There are still things to do nearby, Across the bay from Corozal is the ruins of Cuello, and near by is the Maya site of Santa Rita.

Orange Walk

Orange Walk is not a touristic hot spot, yet is the stepping off point to Lamanai, a Maya site that  had continual occupancy until the Spanish arrived.

Belize City

Belize City has a bad reputation from the small minority of aggressive hustlers who pray on travelers. We love the city, and the Swing Bridge could well be described as a major artery of the heart of Belize. While there is crime in the city, most of it is in specific areas, and is generally not directed at travelers. Sadly, it is possible for someone who does not know the city to walk into one of those areas by accident. For most travelers, there is no reason to be in the city except to catch the next bus, boat or plane, but if you do have to stay in Belize City, we suggest strongly that you use taxis to get about.

Monkey Bay

Wildlife Sanctuary

Run by Matt and Marga, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is located between Belmopan and Belize City. Monkey Bay is a good place to be based out of. It is centrally located and busses pass by regularly headed towards Belize City, to the East, and Belmopan to the west.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio is full of places to stay, ranging from cheap and funky to expensive. You will not have a hard time finding good food or sleeping there.


Chaleanor Hotel, Magoon Street This is our favorite hotel in Dangriga. Combining good value, clean rooms, and a good location, it is owned by Chad and Eleanor Usher, who are fantastic hosts. Chad is very knowledgable about Belize. Free coffee and wireless, and a never ending tray of bananas in the lobby.

Punta Gorda

Not so long ago, Punta Gorda was a sleepy backwater, with boats to Guatemala twice a week, and one bus per day to the north. The only road leaving the district was a dirt road in for the last 100 miles, and bridges would flood, sometimes for a week at a time, making PG isolated and giving it a frontier feeling. Now PG, as Punta Gorda is known, is a booming little metropolis, with multiple boats to Guatemala, and with multiple busses per day arriving from and going north.