Maya Mountain Research Farm (MMRF) is a bit remote. We are located in the foot hills of the Maya Mountains, two miles up river from the predominantly Kek’chi Mayan village of San Pedro Columbia, in Belize’s southernmost District of Toledo. There is no road into the farm. Access is by trail, or by canoe.


One border of MMRF is the Columbia Branch of the Rio Grande. Across the river is the Columbia Indian Reservation. We are about a mile and a half’s walk on rugged trails from the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaantun. The river emerges from the ground 1/4 mile up river from us, and the drainage for this watershed begins in the Columbia River Forest Reserve, a 100,000 acre, unique, fairly pristine natural area of broadleaf forest.


Possible day trips from the farm include a trip to the Maya site of Lubantuun, to the source of the river, to San Antonio and Santa Cruz waterfalls, to Burton Caliz’s farm, Eladio Pops farm or Saul Garcias farm, and Blue Creek Cave.

How To Get Here


Busses leave Punta Gorda for San Pedro Columbia Village at noon every day of the week except Sunday. The bus ride is less than an hour.


Once you are in San Pedro Columbia Village, there are two ways to get to MMRF.


1. The first is hiring a local person to carry you up river in a dory (dugout log canoe) which should take around an hour, depending on the level of the river. We suggest Jorge Coc as he is a dory man, par excellence.


2. Alternately, you can hire someone in the village to walk you up the trail to MMRF, which can take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on whether the trail is muddy or not.


The ride should cost $10-20 Belize dollars per person, the guided walk a bit less.