April 13th through the 19th, 2019

“SolarCITIES.Solutions is a charitable educational non-profit organization bringing clean cooking fuel and nutrient rich fertilizer to people around the world. Learn how biogas, a renewable alternative to natural gas or propane, can easily be made on a small-scale using affordable “home brew” technology. Biogas is a product of anaerobic digestion, which uses common input sources found worldwide – manure and food “waste”. Biogas can be used for cooking, space and water heating, and electricity generation, while also making a valuable liquid fertilizer. Students will learn how to build a biodigester, off-grid gas storage system, and retrofit a kitchen using recycled materials using the Solar CITIES style open-sourced design.

“Imagine having no concern for pipelines running through your neighborhood because we create our own energy, and keep our waste. The rapid spread of this technology could have a profound global impact. We can fix our eyes on a simple, overlooked solution to what we now call waste. With biogas, there is no waste.”


USD $350


(Janice Kelsey, Solar Cities, Inc. TEDx VillanovaU Nov 12, 2015)


Anandi A. Premlall

With a global mindset and vision resting at the intersection of social justice, sustainability, wellness and permaculture, Anandi A. Premlall is an International Agro-Ecological Educator, Writer, Grower and Farmacist who has mycelial roots thriving in the Caribbean, ancestral India, and USA.


Ms. Premlall’s genuine passion for sharing her work has forged connections to like-minded communities and producers, helping to foster lasting improvements in the fields of Sustainability and Agroecology, including biogas education, as well as biodigester installation and troubleshooting.

Kathy Puffer

Kathy Puffer is a Co-Founder & Board Secretary of Solar CITIES, Inc., a humanitarian non-profit organization for education and support to small-scale biodigesters and biogas for clean cooking fuel and rich fertilizer to people in the U.S. and around the world. The organization is designed as a hub, supporting entrepreneurial and educational opportunities for residential systems.


Since November 2017 Kathy and Solar CITIES colleagues have been engaged in support for biogas teaching and action at the Université Notre Dame d’Haiti and it’s Diocesan Unit for Research, Education and Service (UDERS) at Hinche, Haiti. As the owner of Hudson Valley Vertical Farms, Kathy has an International Permaculture Design Certification and continues to study and work in urban and regional planning. She is currently working as a speech pathologist and enjoys raising chickens, bee keeping, designing and expanding her food forest, with her family on their small homestead in Tillson, NY. Kathy is an activist for positive change, helping to work toward an ever more sustainable community, not only in her own neighborhood, but also around the world. Hudson Valley Vertical Farms is open to tours of the first indoor IBC (intermediate bulk container) Biodigester and what Kathy has coined her “Homestead Eco-System”.