Mission Statement

mission:  to research and demonstrate – within an ecosystem context (just like a natural ecosystem, an agricultural ecosystem’s ability to function with integrity is based on the composition and interconnectivity of its constituent organisms) – locally appropriate (to southern Belize, lowland humid tropics, and its specificities such as limited road access, limited grid electricity, extreme wet and dry seasons, hurricane potential, etc.) alternative technologies (such as renewable energy and green-building techniques) and sustainable agricultural techniques (let’s define sustainable agriculture as: farming methods that preserve or increase the natural resources being utilized while making a reasonable contribution to supplying the dependent population) that promote and ensure food security (adequate supply of sufficient, nutritionally adequate, organic and culturally acceptable food for an active, healthy life), economic security (and economic potential, such as high-value components that can be integrated into an agro-ecological system and can be produced while maintaining the producing communities’ typical lifestyle), environmental conservation (particularly promoting agricultural activities appropriate to buffer zones of protected areas, i.e. agroforestry and its complementing activities, agricultural crops and methods that provide and ensure ecological services, and maintaining genetic diversity of cultivated species particularly landraces endemic to Belize) and social equity (especially women, children and marginalized communities), and  to transfer this information to people in Toledo District, the rest of Belize and to other interested persons (via farm visits by farmers, groups, students, researchers, and by being a venue for courses on a wide range of topics relating to our mission)